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Discover the Fiverr: Largest Freelancing Platform

The Fiverr course in Pakistan is our most demanding skill. As you know, Pakistan is the 4th largest freelancing country in the World. It is reported that Pakistan earned $397 million in the Fiscal year 2021-2022. It had been growing rapidly, up to 48% in 2023. In Pakistan’s employment freelancing project, 12,000 young people who completed it earned $6,87,324.12 (about 14 crores PKR), boosting the country’s economy and reducing unemployment.

It shows how to become successful online freelancers in Pakistan. You have arrived at AKW Brains, the doorway to the online marketplace’s enormous possibilities. Learning marketable skills may change a person’s life, which is why AKW Brains has put together a variety of educational programs to help people in Pakistan and abroad achieve their full potential.

Start your path to financial independence and skill development with our Fiverr course designed specifically for Pakistan’s ever-changing landscape. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of Fiverr from our in-depth curriculum, but you’ll also learn how to compete successfully in the marketplace. We cover all the bases to make sure you’re ready to show off your skills and draw in customers, from improving your Fiverr profile to making engaging gigs.

How to Earn from Fiverr in Pakistan:

Our “How to Earn from Fiverr in Pakistan” course will show you the door to financial independence. Get the inside scoop on how to make the most of the world’s largest freelancing marketplace. Learn everything you need to know to be successful in the online marketplace, from creating captivating gigs to producing exceptional outcomes. Work with us and transform your abilities into a profitable.

Fiverr Course in urdu:

Experience life-changing education by enrolling in our Fiverr course in Urdu. Get to know Fiverr like a pro by learning how to make compelling profiles and land successful projects. Use your native tongue to confidently navigate the freelance world. Embark on a personalized journey to enhance your skills and unlock opportunities on a worldwide scale through our Urdu-language program.

Fiverr Course in Lahore:

You can get onsite classes with our Fiverr Course in Lahore will teach you all you need to know to be a successful freelancer. Designed specifically for your area, this curriculum will show you how to make the most of Fiverr, attract customers, and succeed in the online marketplace. Start your freelance career off on the right foot by joining us in Lahore for an immersive, hands-on learning session.

Our Course Outline:

  1. Account creation

2. User name optimization

3. Profile image Suggestions

4. About section

5. Niche Selection

6. How to create a brand account?

7. Keyword research

8. Gig creation

9. Gig Optimization + Ranking

10. Title optimization

11. Keyword integration in gig

12. Gig images optimization

13. How to get first order?

14. How to maintain your profile?

15. How to maintain your good reviews?

16. How to sell your monthly subscription in a long-term?

Why Our Fiverr Course?

  1. We have tailored our Fiverr course to meet the needs of Pakistani freelancers by researching and discussing the opportunities and threats that exist in the country’s market.
  2. Participate in learning activities that are both interactive and designed to mimic real-world settings. Our courses are structured to encourage hands-on learning that can be easily applied to the freelance world, because we think that the best way to learn is by doing.
  3. Learn how to put your theoretical knowledge into practice by gaining insight from real-life projects and case studies. With their extensive backgrounds in the field, our lecturers provide insightful commentary on the freelance economy.
  4. Throughout your educational journey, you will receive individualized assistance from a mentor. When you work with our instructors, you can rest assured that they will do all in their power to ensure that you succeed.
  5. Expertise and Experience: Get Benefit from our wealth of expertise and extensive experience. Our professional bring unparalleled knowledge to ensure your success in every endeavor.
  6. Practical Skills: After completing this course, you will be capable of imparting the acquired skills to others, becoming adept at teaching and sharing your expertise with new learners.
  7. Positive Student Review: We have positive reviews from students who have already taken the course, and doing there good work and earning handsome amount.
  8. Affordability: We are charging a minimum fee for the Fiverr course to encourage your interest regular participation in classes.
  9. Certification: After your course our institute providing you certification Validate your skills and enhance your professional profile with our recognized and valuable certification.
  10. Success Stories: We have numerous success stories in our portfolio.
  11. Responsive support lifetime: It is free for a lifetime within the community, For those who have taken this course.

Fee of Our Fiverr Course:

The fee of our Fiverr Course is: Rs.10,000/=

New Year Discount Offer:

In the joy of the New Year, we offer you a 30% fee discount. Please join us avail this special offer. This offer is vaild 25th January 2024.

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Join Us and Transform Your Future:

The mission of AKW Brains is to provide people the tools they need to shape their own destinies. The self-assurance, competence, and understanding necessary to succeed in today’s information society are imparted through our educational programs. At AKW Brains, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their goals, whether you are just starting out as a freelancer or are an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills. Come be a part of our community and let’s open doors to endless opportunities.

Exploring Educational Offerings Beyond Fiverr:

Although our Fiverr course is the main attraction, AKW Brains provides a wide range of freelancing courses to meet the demands of students. Whatever your interest may be it e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO, WordPrss or the art of freelancing our courses are designed to keep up with the dynamic nature of the internet.

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Course Fee Structure

Module #1:
Online Course Fee: Rs.15,000/Per Course
It is a Group class.

Module #2:
1 on 1 Training Course on Your Projects.
Fee: Rs.25,000/Per Course
It’s a Private Class.

Module #3:
Onsite Course Fee: Rs.25,000/Per Course
It is a Group class.

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